Singer Justin Timberlake is so impressed by his mother's knowledge of fashion, he sends her out to buy his clothes.

In contrast to his pop contemporaries, the CRY ME A RIVER star avoids employing advisers to dress him, preferring instead to let his actress girlfriend Cameron Diaz and mum LYNNE pick out items they think will look good on him.

And while he spent last weekend (24/25JAN04) relaxing at his hotel in Manchester, England, Lynne hit the shops.

A source tells Britain's DAILY MIRROR newspaper, "Lynne went into the stores and insisted on talking to the manager, explaining who she was so she got the celebrity discount.

"Last time Justin was in Manchester he got a shop to open late for him she he and Cameron could go trainer shopping. But when Cameron wasn't with him, he was happy to send his mum out to buy clothes for him."

29/01/2004 09:21