Pop hunk Justin Timberlake isn't cheating on his girlfriend Cameron Diaz after all - the mystery blonde he reportedly "spent the night with" after the Brit Awards, is dating his minder ERIC BURROWS.

Secretary JODIE FOLEY, 21, from the west midlands of England, agreed with tabloid reports that she spent the early hours of Wednesday morning (18FEB04) partying with the hunky pop star, but retired to the LANDMARK HOTEL for a night of passion with his security guard instead.

Foley says, "Justin is just a friend, although a gorgeous one."

The blonde beauty met Burrows at an aftershow party for Timberlake's Birmingham tour date last year (NOV03).

Foley admits she is embarrassed after seeing photos of her breast popping out of her skimpy dress all over Thursday's (19FEB04) tabloids.

She explains, "Cameron must have been horrified after seeing me with my breast hanging out, but it's all quite innocent. I'm planning to fly to the US to see Eric in June (04)."

Foley has struck up a friendship with Timberlake and believes he is completely faithful to his movie star love.

She says, "He never talks about his relationship but I think it is serious. I have no intention of ruining it with Cameron. She's his girlfriend. He's really great. I hope this won't spoil our friendship."

24/02/2004 17:27