LATEST: Pop hunk Justin Timberlake has heightened speculation about his status in 'N Sync, after declaring his lack of obligation to record again with his bandmates.

The ROCK YOUR BODY singer took a break from his chart-topping band in 2002, as all members went their separate ways to concentrate on their own projects.

But the break was announced as temporary, with the five-piece announcing intentions to return to the studio this year (04). But following reports the singers won't be reuniting this year, it was also disclosed that Timberlake had walked out on the group.

And in an interview in an upcoming issue of GQ magazine, Timberlake answers questions over his group's plans to record a new album by saying, "You're never contractually obligated to do anything. I think A TRIBE CALLED QUEST has been contractually obligated to do another album for, like, 10 years."

15/08/2004 10:34