Justin Timberlake's new cologne with top fragrance firm Givenchy is the first scent he's worn in a decade.
The stylish pop star recently teamed up with executives at Parfums Givenchy to come up with his own signature scent, called Play, and the new men's fragrance was unveiled in Paris, France last month (Jun08).
But Timberlake admits it took quite a bit of persuasion from Givenchy bosses to get him to agree to the deal.
He tells Britain's GQ magazine, "First of all, I haven't worn cologne in 10 years, since the days when I'd drench myself, until I realised I didn't want to smell like something else, I wanted to smell like myself.
So when Givenchy approached me, I said, 'I gotta be honest, I don't wear a fragrance. If you can get me to wear it, it's gonna have to be good. If you can win over a guy who doesn't wear fragrances, it'll be something fresh."