Pop hunk Justin Timberlake is making a Hollywood movie - as soon as he finds the right film.

The CRY ME A RIVER star is keen to add acting to his list of talents - but he's determined to choose the right project to launch a serious attempt at becoming a big screen player.

He explains, "Honestly, I think that transition will be made at some point, I'm just not exactly sure when. Just being onstage and being an entertainer you get the bug, you wonder how you would be onscreen, but until the right project comes along I won't make that step.

"I won't do a movie just so when I'm old I can say, 'Hey, remember when I did a movie?' I'd rather it be something that I believed in and something that I felt passionate about."

"I think it's important to not forget those steps up the ladder that you have to take to get to a certain point. That's the beauty of being an artist - you just go where the inspiration lies. You can't put a finger on it and you never know what's going to work. You just have to go with how you feel. Go with the flow."

28/05/2003 21:22