Pop hunk Justin Timberlake will undergo surgery on his throat next week (begs09MAY05) to remove nodules which threaten to destroy his singing career.

Timberlake allegedly discovered the condition while recording his latest single SIGNS with rapper Snoop Dogg and immediately contacted doctors, who banned him from straining his voice until medics at a private Los Angeles hospital have dealt with the problem.

A close friend tells British newspaper The Sun, "Recently Justin's been in the studio again making Signs with Snoop Dogg. That's when he realised there was a problem with his voice.

"He saw a specialist and was diagnosed with nodules. The operation is fairly simple so he should be fine. But he will have to rest by talking very little and not singing.""

Timberlake joins a list of stars including Geri Halliwell, Rod Stewart, DAME Julie Andrews and Joss Stone who have had operations to remove throat nodules.

04/05/2005 03:07