Justin Timberlake was elated when his short tour ended in his home state of Tennessee - because he could take girlfriend Cameron Diaz for a visit to his grandparents' house.

The 'N Sync frontman, 22, took the 31-year-old Charlie's Angels beauty to Millington to meet his mother's parents BILL and SADIE BOMAR on 19 October (03), after his five-city McDONALD'S LOVIN' IT LIVE TOUR ended in Memphis.

And along with Timberlake's mum LYNN HARLESS, the couple munched on Sadie's homemade lunch of broccoli rice casserole, chicken and dressing with giblet gravy, squash casserole, creamed potatoes and the hunk's favourite - peach cobbler with ice cream.

Sadie coos, "I think Cameron's as sweet as can be. She's also as cute as can be."

The following day, the couple returned for more food.

Sadie adds, "Cameron said, 'We get Granny's leftovers!"

23/10/2003 08:46