Pop hunk Justin Timberlake left his stunning girlfriend Cameron Diaz fuming after he forgot their dinner date.

The CHARLIE'S ANGEL actress, 31, was forced to eat alone at trendy eaterie AOC in Los Angeles earlier this month (FEB04) after waiting for the 'N Sync star for over an hour.

A fellow diner tells Britain's NEW! magazine, "Cameron arrived at the restaurant dressed to the nines. She said she needed a table for tow and was quickly shown to one.

"An hour later she was livid. She arrived looking beautiful but she grew really miserable as the time went on and had reached boiling point when she finally left."

After storming out of the restaurant, an angry Diaz phoned her boyfriend to give him a blasting.

The onlooker adds, "She made it clear she wasn't happy at being snubbed. It became obvious that Justin claimed he had forgotten the were meeting - which made her look even more angry."

27/02/2004 01:45