Multi-talented pop star Justin Timberlake is starting work on his second solo album - during breaks in his busy movie schedule.

The 'N SYNC singer is currently filming his second movie role in Alpha Dog opposite Emile Hirsch, but is using his free time to discuss his new tunes with Beyonce Knowles' producer RICH HARRISON and veteran music maker RODNEY JERKINS - who recently composed tracks for Jennifer Lopez's next album.

Jerkin enthuses, "I'm gonna start saving little things here and there to let him know what we're trying to do.

"Justin's one of those projects I wish I could get in from beginning to end. He has an amazing talent and ability, but I don't think it's been brought out of him yet. There's something deeper that hasn't come out and he doesn't even know it yet."

Despite topping the charts with his R+B album JUSTIFIED, Timberlake is trying a rock sound for his follow-up disc.

12/11/2004 13:55