Multi-talented Justin Timberlake insists his music career comes first, despite his blossoming sideline in acting, his restaurant business and new fashion line. The superstar most recently teamed up with pal TRACE AYALA - former fiance of Elisha Cuthbert - to create a range of country style jeans and shirts for the label, WILLIAM RAST. But Timberlake says, "I've become a businessman since the last record. But I'm still an artist in my soul. And that, to me, is the most important." And the singer insists Ayala runs the label and does all the work, while he takes the credit. Timberlake adds, "I said I'd do it because my best friend liked it. I'm not part of the whole process, only half of it. "But he wanted it so badly, so I said, 'OK.' He told me he would deal with everything, but that we could both create the line itself and what he has achieved is unbelievable."