Singing sensation Justin Timberlake is deeply attracted to goofy girls, according to his first love.

DANIELLE DITTO, 23, was the CRY ME A RIVER hunk's first serious girlfriend and is convinced that only ladies with a good sense of humour and a kooky personality stand a chance with her ex-flame.

And Danielle - who was the first person Justin ever slept with - believes that both Justin's current love Cameron Diaz and ex-girlfriend Britney Spears are perfect matches for the LIKE I LOVE YOU star.

She says, "I'm not sure if Cameron is the one for Justin. When you've dated someone for ages, like I did Justin, you know how they think.

"Justin likes goofy girls. Britney makes faces - she's goofy. And Cameron, you can see that in her personality. But other girls, like Alyssa Milano, I knew she wasn't right even though he bought her home. She's beautiful, but not goofy, just like Kylie Minogue."

19/01/2004 01:48