Justin Timberlake has made a young Dutch singer's dreams a reality after watching her perform Otis Redding's SITTING ON THE DOCK OF THE BAY on the internet. Esmee Denters became a YouTube.com sensation after singing into her sister's webcam and posting the footage online. More than 40 million people have visited the teenager's site - and Timberlake was one. Six months after the teen posted her first video on YouTube.com, Timberlake heard all about her and decided to check her out. He says, "Everyone told me about this girl and she sings everyone else's songs from her bedroom - and she's really good." Timberlake has since signed Denters, a former waitress, to his fledgling record label and even joined her for a recent YouTube.com surprise, playing piano on his hit What Goes Around as the pretty Dutch teen sang. Timberlake introduced the singing sensation on Tuesday's (06Nov07) Oprah show in America.