Justin Timberlake gave his girlfriend CAMERON DIAZ some moral support on 9 April's (05) edition of Saturday Night Live, when he reprised his role as ROBIN GIBB and joined her in a skit.

Diaz served as the show's guest host on Saturday and partway through, Timberlake joined her for a comedy sketch - as well as her Charlie's Angels co-star Drew Barrymore and former series regular Jimmy Fallon.

The stars teamed up for THE BARRY GIBB TALK SHOW, which featured Fallon as the BEE GEES star and Timberlake as his brother Robin.

Donning a wig and a cream three-piece suit Timberlake danced and sang before sitting as a silent sidekick to Fallon's Barry as he interviewed Democrat politician NANCY PELOSI, played by Diaz, and conservative columnist Ann Coulter, portrayed by Barrymore.

Timberlake played Robin Gibb when he presented the show in 2003.

Last month (MAR05), Hollywood heart-throb Ashton Kutcher was joined by his girlfriend Demi Moore as he hosted the longrunning show.

11/04/2005 02:58