Justin Timberlake accepts he's to blame for 'N Sync's permanent split, because he was reluctant to reform the boy band when there was a chance to reunite two years ago (04). The pop supergroup hinted at a possible reunion tour but plans failed to materialised - and now Timberlake admits that's partly his fault. He tells MTV News, "I guess I can take the blame for it... It's one thing to say, 'Hey, let's get back together and let's do something,' but then you say, `OK, but what are we gonna do?' "What we did doesn't work now. How would we reinvent what we do? "We don't look like we used to, we don't move like we used to and I'm sure we don't sound like we used to." But Timberlake, who is now one of the world's top solo performers, refuses to dismiss his boy band days: "Even though we were part of a phenomenon, we still did it our way, we enjoyed it, we had a blast. "I was 17 and, for those four or five years, it was crazy and I enjoyed every minute of it."