Justin Timberlake sparked controversy again on US TV show Saturday Night Live by performing comedy song C**K IN A BOX with programme regular ANDY SAMBERG. The pop star, who was heavily criticised for his part in Janet Jackson's 'wardrobe malfunction' at the 2004 SuperBowl, portrayed a sleazy 1980s R+B singer for the skit, in which he joked about poking his 'junk' through a hole in a Christmas box and presenting it as a gift to his girlfriend. The skit was one of many to feature the comedy talents of the CRY ME A RIVER singer, who has become a popular guest host on the satirical sketch show. Timberlake revived characters from past SNL skits, including a soup-can wearing fast food diner mascot, competing with a Salvation Army SANTA CLAUS for Christmas charity cash. The pop star also portrayed a slutty wannabe, auditioning for the part of a department store festive elf, and he recreated his days in the MICKEY MOUSE CLUB, playing TREY-J in fictional children's TV show HIP-HOP KIDS, in which his character ate co-stars to stay alive after getting trapped in a mineshaft. Timberlake's girlfriend Cameron Diaz joined the singer briefly to introduce one of his two musical performances on the Christmas special.