Justin Timberlake bans all blonde women from appearing in his videos - because they remind him of ex-girlfriend Britney Spears.

The hunky pop star has appeared getting intimate with brunettes in all of his four solo videos, with new promo I'M LOVING IT featuring another sexy dark-haired girl.

Only CRY ME A RIVER featured a blonde - but that was a pointed dig at Spears, as the video suggested the Britney look-a-like cheated on Justin.

A record company insider tells Britain's HEAT magazine, "Justin has made it crystal clear that they aren't welcome. And because he personally chooses the dancers and actresses who appear, it's got to the point where the casting directors know not to bother auditioning blondes."

Ironically, Timberlake is enjoying a new relationship with blonde actress Cameron Diaz.

09/09/2003 17:26