LATEST: Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz have flown to Barcelona, Spain to repair their relationship after hitting a "rough patch". Last week (21JUN06) veteran Hollywood reporter JANET CHARLTON reported on her website that Timberlake had dumped Diaz so he could "sow his wild oats" on his upcoming world tour. Timberlake's manager JOHNNY WRIGHT has hit back at the claim, telling American publication Us Weekly, "There was no break-up." The couple flew to Barcelona on Sunday (25JUN06) to spend quality time together while Timberlake films the video for his first single SEXYBACK off his new album FUTURESEX/LOVESOUNDS. A source tells the magazine, "They hit a bumpy patch, but reports were exaggerated." Timberlake's former 'N Sync bandmate CHRIS KIRKPATRICK confirms the couple are still going strong, saying, "Justin talks about Cameron all the time. "He says she thinks for herself and he likes that because he didn't see that quality in girls he dated before her."