LATEST: Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz have headed to Paris, France, for a romantic getaway as they move on from their relationship's 'rough patch'. The singer and actress, who have been dating for three years, were seen enjoying in a romantic sunlit stroll through the capital known as 'The City Of Love'. Last month (21JUN06), veteran Hollywood reporter JANET CHARLTON reported on her website that 24-year-old Timberlake had dumped Diaz, 33, so he could "sow his wild oats" on his upcoming world tour. The reports were quickly rubbished by Timberlake's publicist Ken Sunshine, who insists his client's relationship is as happy as ever. The CRY ME A RIVER chart-topper, who previously dated Britney Spears, was reported to be tired of Diaz after she followed him to Las Vegas, Nevada, where he was relaxing with his pals.