Justin Timberlake has agreed to meet up with his ex-girlfriend Britney Spears at a family barbecue this summer (08), according to new reports.
Spears' father Jamie has reportedly reached out to the Cry Me A River singer in the hope that the reunion will further aid his daughter's recovery from mental illness issues, which resulted in her being hospitalised twice earlier this year (08).
Insiders tell America's Life + Style magazine that Jamie has set up a meeting between his daughter and Timberlake at a low-key summer barbecue.
The source says, "Jamie reached out to Justin and asked if he'd be willing to come over to Britney's house to talk to her face-to-face, and Justin said yes.
"Jamie's hoping that by finally seeing him, she'll be able to get some real closure, some resolution. He thinks that might be a huge help to her."
The news comes just a month after Timberlake poked fun at his childhood sweetheart while inducting Madonna into the Rock + Roll Hall Of Fame.
He joked, "There have been a lot of wannabes, I may have even dated a couple of them."
Timberlake and Spears dated for four years from 1998 to 2002.