Justin Timberlake is ''annoyingly good'' at golf, according to Niall Horan.

The former One Direction singer is an avid fan of the sport and often plays against against professionals and other celebrities and when it comes to famous faces with impressive club skills the ex-NSYNC star is top of the pile and is also extremely competitive.

In an interview on New Music Daily with Zane Lowe on Apple Music, Niall said: ''I'm big into golf. I don't have enough time to play. I've played with some amazing actual professional golfers.

''I've had some great rounds with famous faces who are pretty good at golf. Timberlake (is good). He's annoyingly good though. He's so competitive. He's better than me, but he's really competitive just with himself. If he gets a bad shot, you're hearing about for 10 minutes.''

Niall also recalled the experience of playing golf with 'Ghostbusters' Bill Murray, who he describes as a ''legend''.

He said: ''Bill Murray. Champ. I tell you what, this could be the least humble I've ever been in an interview, what a legend. He tells the best stories of all time.

''And we were actually playing in front of a crowd, it was for a tournament. And he had the crowd on the end of a string. They were in stitches laughing at him. He's just the greatest guy in the world. He was telling some unbelievable stories and good fun to be around.''

The 26-year-old singer also recalled a story where the 'Caddyshack' star simply walked into a house party when playing at the world famous St Andrews course in Scotland.

He shared: ''He was telling me a story where he was in St Andrews in Scotland at the home of golf - legendary course where it all started - and they're playing in a tournament called the Dunhill Links. He said there's a story about him where he was out with all his mates and they were going back to a hotel and then everyone turns around and Bill's disappeared.

''Apparently Bill had just seen a house party that was wide open because it's a college, university town, and he just walks in to the house party. Some people in the house party said he just walked in to the kitchen and then he was wearing rubber gloves and doing their dishes. He's just always messing around. He just sent me a bottle of his tequila the other day.''