Justin Timberlake is obsessed with hardware.

The singer-and-actor has teamed with his interior designer Estee Stanley for a home collection for HomeMint and has been very thorough with his research.

He said: ''I'll sit and I'll look at hardware for hours. Literally, for hours, I'll sit and compare hardware. The devil's in the details. I mean, it's your home, it has to be your own.''

Justin - who is engaged to Jessica Biel - insists everything in the collection for the online retailer is something he and Estee would be happy to have in their own homes.

He told Elle Decor magazine: ''If we wouldn't put it in our homes, we're not going to ask people to put it in theirs. You don't have to spend your whole bank account to make your home look amazing but also be comfortable and reliable.

'I like very clean, almost modern architecture, and the obstacle with something like that is making it extremely warm, because it doesn't naturally lend itself to that. With everything we do together, we try to get the juxtaposition right.''