Justin Timberlake could ''teach his son a lot'' about the showbiz industry.

The 'Cry Me a River' hitmaker isn't sure if he would approve of his 22-month-old son Silas - who he shares with his wife Jessica Biel - following him into the music industry later in his life but feels he would be a good teacher if his son did make that decision.

He said: ''Would I want my child to follow my path? You know, I haven't been able to answer that question in my mind. If he wanted it bad enough, I suppose I could teach him a lot about what not to do.''

And the 36-year-old singer admits becoming a father himself has ''opened all the floodgates'' and has shown him the importance of how a parent can affect their child's life so deeply.

He added to The Hollywood Reporter magazine: ''You go through your life with your own traumas, big and small, and think, 'It's not that bad, I have a lot to be thankful for, my parents did the best they could.'

''But then you have a child of your own, and suddenly it opens all the floodgates, and you're like, 'No, no, no! That childhood trauma really did f**k me up!'''

Meanwhile, Justin previously admitted becoming a father has changed his life and has forced him to reflect on his music career.

He said: ''My life has changed and is changing. So it's important to discover that there's work you can do where you get more time with your family. I wouldn't go on tour next week because I wanna be with my son. I wanna be with my wife. What does touring even look like for me now? It's such a luxury to be able to make those decisions: to be able to think about how you could do the work you used to do in a different way.

''As men, we're always taught at a young age to be a man and have your priorities in order. And you get to a point where you're like, 'It's not about 'being a man', it's about fulfilment.' Which is a totally different thing.''