Justin Timberlake wants to have a daughter.

The 'Can't Stop the Feeling' hitmaker - who already has two-year-old son Silas with wife Jessica Biel - was one of few men in attendance at the Hollywood Reporter's Power 100 Women in Entertainment breakfast on Wednesday (06.12.17) and he joked being surrounded by such strong and powerful women made him want to bring more females into his household.

He said: ''I feel really inspired to be in this room.

''People like Angelina [Jolie], Sherry [Lansing], Shonda [Rhimes], Nancy [Dubuc] and you strong women that are younger than me...

''Oh my God, I've got to have a daughter. I'm ruined after today.''

The 36-year-old singer - who attended the event at Los Angeles' Milk Studios present $1 million in college scholarships to girls from underrepresented communities in Los Angeles in place of Selena Gomez - claimed he was happy to be ''objectified'' by the largely female audience, which also included the likes of Jennifer Lawrence, Gal Gadot, Sarah Silverman, Anna Paquin, Lea Michele, Bryce Dallas Howard and Isla Fisher, and had jumped at the chance to be their ''bitch''.

He quipped as he took to the stage: ''Angelina warned me that I was basically only here to be objectified so that's absolutely fair.

''I'd like to say to all of the women -- strong, beautiful souls: I'm happy to be here to be your arm candy. ... When The Hollywood Reporter called me and asked me to be your bitch, I said, 'Oh, I might like that.' ''

On a more serious note, Justin also paid tribute to his wife, and the other women in his family.

He said: ''To the men in this room... I think we actually are here because we deserve the opportunity to speak up, to say when something is not right.

''We need to get on board. It's not a responsibility, it's our privilege. It's our privilege because at the end of the day if you can be lucky enough to be raised by a strong woman and convince a strong woman [Jessica Biel] to marry you, you will realise that we are nothing without the strength of women.''