The singer/actor and his wife Jessica Biel became first-time parents to little Silas in April, 2015, and the excited new father introduced the tot to fans on social media just days later.

Both Justin and actress Jessica have continued to post pictures of their kid here and there, but he explains they are mindful of Silas' right to privacy, in case he decides to shun the limelight when he's older.

"He's 13 months old right now, but you think about the next five years, and the next five years after that, and you think about the fact that he just got here; he hasn't made any choices about (his life)," Justin told U.S. breakfast show Today. "He chooses, like, eggs or bananas!"

The 35-year-old goes on to reveal a key lesson he hopes to teach his boy as he adjusts to life with two famous parents, adding, "You think a lot about the lives that me and my wife lead but I wonder what privacy's gonna mean in 20 years. Those are the questions that enter my mind for sure, but I think that's something that you don't have control over. I think the best thing I can do is try, every day, to give your kid perspective so that they understand what it means and what it doesn't mean."

However, if his personality is anything to go by, Silas could end up pursuing a career in the spotlight, too.

Jessica recently admitted her baby is quickly taking after his goofy dad.

"He's a ham (joker), just like his dad. Serious ham!," Jessica told the same show last week (ends06May16). "He thinks everything is funny. He thinks sneezing is funny. He's in that moment, where bodily function is really funny."

The tot has also inherited his father's love of soul music: "He loves music, he likes Erykah Badu and he likes Stevie Wonder; he loves to groove," Jessica gushed.