Justin Timberlake is to add to his growing portfolio by producing a television show for MTV.

The 27-year-old will work on a new reality game show called The Phone, which will see each show beginning with two hidden mobile phones ringing at opposite ends of a city.

People who answer the phone will be given five seconds to decide if they want to play for a chance of a cash prize.

They are then given a mission to complete for the prize.

MTV said The Phone would be reminiscent of films such as The Bourne Identity and The Game.

"Genre-busting and reinvention is at the core of what we do, and The Phone does just that," said Tony Disanto, MTV executive vice president of programming and series development.

"Each week will be an action-packed mini-movie."

As well as his successful time in boyband N*Sync, Timberlake has gone on to have a hugely impressive solo career as well as acting roles in films including Alpha Dog, Southland Tales and Shrek the Third.

He currently holds the number one spot in the UK singles chart with Madonna for their song 4 Minutes.

10/05/2008 18:08:46