Justin Timberlake wasn't taken seriously as an actor until he was cast in 'The Social Network'.

The 30-year-old star - who played Napster founder Sean Parker in the well-received drama about the founding of Facebook - admits he has director David Fincher to be thankful to for his career because before then no filmmakers would were interested in him.

Justin said: "I'm going to have to write some crazy thing in my will to him - or have a business card that says , 'David Fincher put me in a movie'. Because as soon as that happened, film directors were like, 'Ohh, he can see something in him that we can't."

Justin, who rose to fame with boyband Nsync, particularly enjoyed working with David as he always makes films the way he wants to.

He told Elle magazine: "I learned a hell of a lot. He puts his middle finger up and says, 'This is what I'm doing.' "

Despite enjoying his experience with David, Justin recently confessed he would love to work more with Will Gluck, who directed him in 'Friends with Benefits'.

He said: "We will make plenty of movies together.

"You feel great being in a movie like this when your director wants you to succeed in every way. He wants to see the guys relate to you and the girls fall in love with you."