Justin Timberlake was on the 'David Letterman Show' last night (October 26th 2011) doing the promotional rounds for his latest film 'In Time'. The movie is set in a not-too-distant future where the pop star turned actor plays a character on the run with his lover, played by Amanda Seyfried. The film hasn't received great reviews, with Msn saying "[Director] Andrew Niccol's latest conception of an altered but still recognizable future feels undernourished in other ways that are not as salutary, preventing the film from fulfilling its strong inherent promise."
On 'Letterman' though, Entertainment Weekly reported that the 30 year-old was in good spirits and fielded questions about why he hasn't done a musical - Timberlake is known to be a big fan of musical actors such as Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Gene Kelly. "My problem with musicals - and my generation's too - is that we're sitting here having a conversation and all of a sudden we're singing," said the star, "it's like time stops."
Timberlake went on to talk about his latest film, which is released in cinemas on November 1st, saying that characters on 'In Time' transfer time by grasping each other's forearms; "If I'm on top, I'm taking time, and if you're on top, you're taking time," he said, to which Letterman - ever the wise-cracker quipped, "You know, I have found it to be true that if you're top, you better take your time."