Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel are not in a hurry to have children.

While the couple tied the knot in Italy last weekend, Justin's grandmother Sadie Boma says the happy couple are both too busy with their careers right now to even think about starting a family.

She told RadarOnline: ''I don't think they will rush it. I'm not sure they can. They are both away so much that it would be hard to take care of a baby together and I know Justin would want to be there.''

However, Sadie insists when the time comes, Justin, 31 and Jessica, 30, will be fantastic parents.

She added: ''Oh, Justin is going to be the best dad. That boy has always been so great with children, and I know Jessica will be a great mother.''

Sadie missed the wedding because her husband Bill is in hospital but her grandson arranged to send a piece of wedding Cake 5,000 miles from Italy to the US for them.

She recently said: ''I couldn't go to the wedding. Justin was heartbroken but I couldn't leave my husband Bill, who is ill in hospital. I'm so sorry I had to miss it but I talked to Justin and Jessie and they understood that I couldn't leave Papa.

''So Justin told me he was making me an album of photos and sending me some cake.

''They called me on the day and I congratulated them and told Justin, 'Thank you for giving me this beautiful new granddaughter.'''