Pop hunk Justin Timberlake is reportedly romancing Hollywood star CAMERON DIAZ.

Timberlake has been linked to a number of stunners since his split with Britney Spears last year (MAR02), including Janet Jackson, Alyssa Milano and Tatyana Ali.

And now reports have emerged that Justin and Cameron went out dancing together at Hollywood hot-spot AD after hanging out together at 12 April's (03) NICKELODEON Kids' Choice Awards. Then four days later they spotted together at popular Los Angeles burlesque club FORTY DEUCE.

The couple didn't see each other for a few weeks while Timberlake, 22, went on tour on England, and Diaz, 30, newly split from Jared Leto, holidayed in Hawaii before travelling around the world to promote Charlie's Angels: FULL THROTTLE.

But now Diaz and Timberlake are back in Los Angeles and a source tells American magazine US WEEKLY, "They've gone on casual dates and they speak all the time."

A witness, who spotted then bowling at SPORTS BOWL CENTER in Los Angeles on 7 June (03), adds, "Something's beginning to go on. There's chemistry."

Later than night, Timberlake was seen waiting in a car outside SUSHI KATSU-YA while Diaz was inside picking up a late-night takeout dinner. Diaz was also an expected front-row guest at Timberlake's 16 June (03) concert in Los Angeles.

18/06/2003 21:21