Justin Timberlake hosted the season finale of 'Saturday Night Live' last night (21 May 2011). Justin Timberlake was joined by Lady GaGa and ADAM SAMBERG as the trio appeared in a variety of funny sketches.
Billboard.com reports that, In an opening monologue, titled 'Not Gonna Sing', Timberlake suggested that he had sung in his past three SNL hosting appearances, and therefore would refuse to this time round. However, this still didn't stop the 30-year old singer turned actor, as fans were able to still hear his vocals in a 'Liqorville' skit, which also featured Lady Gaga. Furthermore, a digital short film named 'Threeway' was a '90s R&B throwback, which featured both the musical superstars and American comedian Andy Samberg. In a third skit, 'What's that Name?', Gaga acknowledged the severely committed 'monster' fans that she has, whilst Timberlake paid homage to his N Sync past. This even caused the band to begin trending on Twitter during the show's broadcast.
Justin Timberlake is currently starring with Cameron Diaz in comedy 'Bad Teacher' this month. He will further star alongside Mila Kunis in romantic-comedy 'Friends With Benefits', which set for release on 2 September in the UK.