Justin Timberlake fought against becoming a "victim" of his parents' divorce.

The 30-year-old singer-and-actor - who has previously dated stars including Britney Spears, Cameron Diaz and Jessica Biel - was just five years old when his parents separated and he admits it left him with "obstacles" to overcome in his own life.

He said: "When you're a child of a broken relationship, there are other obstacles to overcome.

"You spend so much time trying not to be a victim of what happened. Trying to overdo not becoming your parents. But slowly, you learn to become yourself."

The 'Friends with Benefits' star believes his parents' divorce is one of the factors behind his desire to be successful.

He said: "Never having a sibling means having to accept responsibility. And then coming to terms with the divorce as a kid, it probably gave me some sort of energy, the sense I'm going to have to do something else now."

Justin worked with ex-girlfriend Cameron on 'Bad Teacher' and while he says they now get along well, he admits there was initially an "awkward transition" between their relationship ending and them forming a Friendship.

He told Britain's Elle magazine: "We've always got on. You have a relationship that's intimate with someone but then you become friends. Of course, there's an awkward transition there. But for the most part it wasn't awkward at all.

"It was there, then it ended. That was cool. It's all great."