Singer/actor Justin Timberlake will keep busy during an upcoming hiatus by brainstorming ways to revamp social networking site
Timberlake, who is a MySpace shareholder, is taking a break from the spotlight in the coming months, but he wants to use his time off to plan ways to return the forum to its former glory.
He tells, "I don't have anything on my plate other than think-tanking a lot of different ideas for MySpace, which doesn't require a lot of my literally being present. I can come up with ideas on the golf course. I can come up with ideas on a mountain while I'm snowboarding.
"Seriously, I don't have anything on my plate for the rest of the year. I am going to take a vacation. I'm going to find out what a vacation really is."
MySpace was the most popular social networking site in 2006 until users flocked to
Coincidentally, Timberlake played Napster co-founder Sean Parker in The Social Network, a film inspired by the beginnings of Facebook.