Justin Timberlake has admitted he would like to quit the limelight and go back to his country roots.

The boy from Tennessee has claimed he is keen to write country music and hip hop, which could prove to be a bizarre mix of styles.

According to the Sun, Justin, 26, told a US interviewer: "I've had a good share of the spotlight. I don't feel like I need too much of it right now.

"I want to write country music, because that's where I grew up - Tennessee. Soul music... I want to be involved in hip hop."

But Justin is currently doing anything but shunning said limelight, as he is appearing as a voice artist in the hotly anticipated SHREK THE THIRD as well as his movie acting debut in ALPHA DOG.

Nevertheless, it seems the now single singer, who has been linked to Scarlett Johansson and Jessica Biel, is hoping to concentrate on himself for a while and mix some hip hop and country tunes.

He added: "Sometimes I feel the only way to really express all those different sides, even just for myself, is through different people.

"To write for myself, I definitely have to recharge my battery."

03/05/2007 11:31:45