Thousands of rock 'n' roll fans including Justin Timberlake are expected to gather at Elvis Presley's old studio to mark the 50th anniversary of his first music recording.

Musicians and devotees are visiting Sun Studios in Memphis, Tennessee today (05JUL04) - where Presley, guitarist SCOTTY MOORE and bassist BILL BLACK taped THAT'S ALL RIGHT MAMA in 1954.

Radio stations around the world will broadcast the tune at 5pm (BST) today.

Music historian PATRICK HUMPHRIES says, "It was a major moment in twentieth century culture."

Sun Records head Sam Phillips was present for the historical recording and spoke of it before his death in July 2003.

Phillips said, "Elvis had been running through some slow ballads. We were getting ready to rack up and go home, Scotty was putting away his guitar.

"All of a sudden Elvis would not take his strap off his shoulder and he came up with that song."

Moore adds, "Elvis was just fooling around. He was just a white teenager rocking through an old black blues song he heard on the radio.

"It was cut in three or four takes. That was what we were looking for."

05/07/2004 13:54