The Girl on the Train star will join Alexander Skarsgard and Paul Rudd in Mute, a passion project Jones has been working on for over a decade.

Announcing the casting in a press release handed to Variety, a spokesman for Netflix - the company behind the film - says: "The film follows Leo (Skarsgard), a mute man searching for a missing person in the year 2052 in Berlin while dueling with two rogue villains played by Rudd and Theroux."

Mute will begin principal photography later this month (Oct16) as Theroux completed the final season of TV drama The Leftovers.

Jones is hoping for another independent film hit with Mute after his fantasy action film Warcraft: The Beginning failed to set the box office alight earlier this year (16). His past successes as a director have included Source Code and 2009's acclaimed Moon, which starred Sam Rockwell as an astronaut coming to terms with the end of his three-year mission on the moon.