Justin Theroux gives eggs as gifts.

The 'Leftovers' actor and fiancee Jennifer Aniston keep chickens at their Los Angeles home but he admits his kind gesture actually does him a favour as the birds lay more eggs than they are able to use.

Speaking to friend Chelsea Handler on 'Chelsea Lately', he said: ''We have chickens at the house. There's one cock in the house. I don't want them keeping me awake in the morning.

''We have too many of them. We have about 10 chickens and each of them lays a couple a day, so we have too many eggs. But they always think we're being really sweet, like this farm and table thing where you bring a bunch of eggs. We're just slipping on eggs at the house.''

The 42-year-old actor recently admitted his life has ''changed a lot'' since he started dating the former 'Friends' actress three years ago, and he initially struggled to cope with the scrutiny their romance receives.

He said: ''More people are like, 'Hey, man!' And I don't think that's from my role in 'John Adams'. But it only changed as much as I engaged with it, and I learned very quickly: don't ever engage with it. It was a learning curve, but it wasn't as traumatic as you might expect.

''It's [press coverage is] just annoying. Occasionally you'll get a stewardess congratulating you, on, I don't know, whatever, some three-headed baby we just had.''