Justin Theroux likes to prank Jennifer Aniston.

The actor-and-screenwriter enjoys nothing more than giving his fiancé a good fright by jumping out at her from behind the curtains in their Los Angeles home.

Speaking on an episode of 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' airing tonight (18.04.13), Jennifer laughed: ''He calls it trickery. But he's constantly hiding behind drapes. And I'm constantly scared. It's like, it doesn't get old on me.''

The paranoid actress is determined to get her soon-to-be husband back and vowed to return the favour by terrifying him once she finds the perfect hiding place.

Chat show host Ellen suggested, ''Do that to him. He's not expecting it now'', to which Jennifer replied, ''OK, shhh ... I'm going to do that!''

The 44-year-old screen beauty also put an end to speculation the 'Friends' cast would be reuniting for an eleventh series - 10 years after the show ended - by appearing flabbergasted by the rumours.

She sighed: ''You're hearing it here first - as am I!''

Jennifer put her nuptials to Justin - who she fell for on the set of 'Wanderlust' - on hold to focus on producing her new movie 'Call Me Crazy: A Five Film', and revealed at its Los Angeles premiere on Tuesday (16.04.13) that she hasn't yet chosen her wedding gown.