Justin Theroux is ''addicted'' to watching UK TV show 'Embarrassing Bodies' on Netflix.

The 46-year-old actor - who is married to Jennifer Aniston - can't get enough of the Channel 4 programme, which sees people with a variety of taboo or misunderstood medical issues seeking medical help on screen.

Whenever he gets the chance, Justin logs onto his streaming account to catch up on an episode or two of wincing entertainment.

Speaking about his new TV favourite, he told the New York Post newspaper: ''I just found a Netflix show I'm addicted to, called 'Embarrassing Bodies'. It's the most English thing I've ever seen

''They set up a mobile clinic in Leeds, and say, 'You're welcome to pop in here if you have something you don't want your doctor to see.' It cracks us up. It's always way worse than you thought it was going to be, and there's no pixelation!''

The show ran on British TV from 2007 until 2015 and was narrated by 'Ugly Betty' actress Ashley Jensen and made household names in the UK of Dr. Christian Jessen, Dr. Dawn Harper and Dr. Pixie McKenna.

When he's not watching TV, Justin spends his time collecting bizarre Victorian-era wax models of syphilitic throats.

Explaining why he likes the odd objects, the 'Zoolander' star said: ''Its different stages of affliction. Basically, 'Something's wrong with my throat,' all the way through, 'Jesus, God, why haven't they invented penicillin yet?' ''

He also opened up about his love for body art, and the array of tattoos that cover his body - explaining that his legs have become almost a ''sketchbook'' for different designs.

Talking about his huge back inking, he added: ''It's a rat and a pigeon. It represents New York. It took four sessions. It was horrible.

''I had the sweats, a fever ... I have a ton on my legs. It looks like someone loaded a shotgun with ink and shot me up. It's just a place to doodle. The sketchbook is everything from my hips down.''