Actor Justin Long has come clean about his sideline job - he has been joking for years about his career as a sushi photographer.
The Live Free or Die Hard star has been spicing up dull interviews with stories about his passion for shooting dead fish for restaurant menus for years - and now he reveals it was all a big joke to him.
Long still uses the line when people don't recognise him at parties and ask what he does for a living.
He says, "I used to tell people I was a sushi photographer... I got a kick out of it.
"I would go one about how it's a very unique niche: 'It's a difficult niche to break into but once you're in there, there's so few people who do it.
"I would say, 'Have you been to (sushi restaurant) Katsuya...? I did their menus. Have you had the oonagi at Sushi Roku...? Well, I did that.'"