The British actor, who portrays chief engineer Montgomery 'Scotty' Scott in the new movie franchise, took on an additional role as co-writer of the new film, but he and Lin didn't see eye-to-eye when they first discussed ideas for the storyline - because the moviemaker was intent on making his childhood dreams come true by destroying the central starship.

Pegg tells WENN, "I hated the idea at first. We had rows (arguments) about it. I was shouting down the phone at him, 'You can't do that! You can't destroy the Enterprise.'"

Simon eventually relented as he began to understand what Lin had planned.

"It's not something new; it happened in (1994 movie Star Trek) Generations, but Justin was very, very determined and as we spoke about it, I realised what he was doing brilliantly was not only taking out a main character; he was removing the physical connective tissue between the crew to see what happens when you take away the thing that physically bonds them together," he explains.

"The genius was you take it away very violently and dramatically and you wait and see if they all come back together to be this family, which is essentially what they are," he continues. "And of course, they do, so I backed down immediately and said, 'Yeah, you're right,' which I do occasionally do but not always! I realised it was a brilliant idea but initially I was opposed to it."

Star Trek Beyond features the return of main castmembers Chris Pine, Zoe Saldana, and Zachary Quinto, and Fast Five filmmaker Lin reveals he turned the movie into a family affair by inviting his seven-year-old son Oakley to make a cameo onscreen as an alien.

However, Justin's boy is such a huge Star Wars fan, he ended up resembling one of the key characters in the rival sci-fi franchise - and his dad was oblivious to the similarities at first.

"Since I work all the time, the only excuse I get is to bring him on set and try to shoot the shot with him," Justin says. "So on Fast (& Furious) movies, he's always like, the little kid that's looking at cars.

"Doing this one he really wanted to be an alien, so I said 'OK'. He was so adamant. He knew exactly what he wanted and (make-up designer) Joel Harlow came and we had meetings. He wanted to be green and wanted his ears. So we shot it and later on I'm talking to him, and he said he wanted to be Yoda! When you see the film it's a young Yoda!"