Director Justin Lin has turned down a fifth Die Hard movie - so he can plot Arnold Schwarzenegger's comeback in the next Terminator film instead.
The filmmaker was asked to make another Die Hard sequel, which focuses on Bruce Willis' maverick cop John MCClane, but he declined.
He explains, "For many of the projects, I feel very privileged, but I just know it wasn't the right situation. And the first Die Hard changed me as a kid when I watched it. But Die Hard 5 is just not something that I'm going to do, or I'm interested in."
But Lin, who is in demand in Hollywood following the box office success of Fast Five, admits he is excited to work with Schwarzenegger in another Terminator installment.
He adds, "Terminator is something I've been having a lot of fun with. Just even this week, I had a great meeting with Arnold and (series creator) James Cameron, just sitting down unofficially. And James is so gracious because he's not part of the project, he's not going to be producing, but it was great of him just as a filmmaker to take time out to just talk."