The Luther actor is unrecognisable as evil alien Krall in the upcoming Sci-Fi movie franchise, which sees Justin take over directing duties from J.J. Abrams. Krall is hell-bent on attacking the crew of the USS Starship Enterprise, and Idris looks perfectly terrifying in character for the villainous role, which is why Justin was so desperate to get him on board.

"When I talk about deconstructing the federation, obviously a big part of that is to have an opposing view," the filmmaker explained to SFX magazine. "I wanted to create an antagonist that had not only that view but a valid view. Idris was my top choice by far. Because a lot of the times antagonists don't really have a lot of screen time. So you need someone who can command a presence and be able to fully commit and carry that through very surgically.

However, Idris wasn't put off by the demands of the role, and Justin got it his top pick.

"We had a great first conversation. But at the end he paused. I was like, 'Aw, sh*t.' He goes, 'It's gonna be four hours of make-up every morning, right?' I said, 'Yup...' It was four hours every morning, and he was awesome. He's delivering 100 per cent every time."

Returning to the film are Chris Pine as Captain Kirk, Zachary Quinto as Spock and Simon Pegg as Scotty, with the British star also taking on scriptwriter duties this time round.

Despite it being a big responsibility to take on a Star Trek film, which has such a cult following, fan Justin felt comfortable at the helm and was given plenty of pointers.

"I sat down with J.J. and he said, 'Look, I don't want you just to make a movie. I want you to be bold and I want you to take this and make it your own,'" Justin recalled. "That meant a lot to me. It was kind of the perfect fuel, to be able to have that kind of set up and that kind of respect."

J.J., who took charge of the new Star Wars instalment, The Force Awakens, will act as producer on 2017's eighth episode.