Justin Hawkins says most modern music ''sounds like Iceland adverts''.

The Darkness frontman has admitted he's unimpressed with musicians nowadays who try too hard to get their music on the radio and, as a result, end up sounding like ''farts'' trying to pull off ''old school'' music or worse, a theme tune for a promo video for the frozen food store.

He said: ''Bands nowadays just want to get on the radio, and in order to get on the radio nowadays you need to write music that sounds like an Iceland advert. That's why modern music sounds like Iceland adverts then it sounds like farts because they've tried to do old school stuff.''

The 'I Believe in a Thing Called Love' hitmaker feels that artists should forget about trying to sound commercially viable and focus on perfecting and staying ''true'' to their art.

He added: ''Everybody is always trying to sound a certain way, but they should just be pure and true to the art; just write a song that you mean and perform it an impressive way. I think we need to put some hi-fidelity back into hi-fi, so people will continue to appreciate the subtleties and complexities that listening to quality music can provide.''

Meanwhile, the 41-year-old rocker has slammed heavy rock band, Bring Me The Horizon, after he heard one of their songs on the radio, which he says ''sounded like sh*t'' as if it had been compressed like an MP3.

Justin thinks it's a good example of how modern music needs to have all of the ''dynamics'' kept on the recordings.

In an interview for TeamRock's Thinking Out Loud feature, he said: ''I heard a Bring Me The Horizon song on the radio the other day and it sounded like a more up-tempo, slightly more exciting Linkin Park, and it had a nice elaborate arrangement but the recording sounded like sh*t.

''It sounded so flat, like an MP3 or something, and it was just horrible. That's what compressing music does, it removes all the dynamics, and I think it's time to put them back into recorded music.''