THE DARKNESS star Justin Hawkins has slammed critics who claim his outrageous outfits are behind his band's success - because his image isn't visible through a CD or radio.

The GROWING ON ME glam rocker hates people assuming his eccentric catsuits play a bigger role in his success than his songwriting and guitar skills, and has branded the view "f**king shortsighted".

And the star insists the music on his hotly anticipated second album will thrill fans and dissenters alike.

He says, "I was talking to someone the other day and they liked the band because their ex-husband didn't. We became a tool in the breakdown of their relationship. They used us as a barometer.

"But the criticism the husband had about us was, 'well it's showmanship, isn't it?' It is so f**king shortsighted. I always say that you can't hear a f**king catsuit.

"What you get on the record isn't showmanship. It is musicianship and songwriting."