Justin Hawkins wrote cocaine-inspired new track ONE WAY TICKET because he is sick of inaccurate and unrealistic drug songs.

The DARKNESS frontman wanted the controversial song to express the positive effects cocaine can have on users before addiction kicks in.

He says, "Most songs about drugs say, 'Oh it's terrible, don't do it,' but the listener thinks, 'There must be some reason why people do it.'

"So what we're saying is: Yeah, it's a really good laugh - apparently, from what I've read - and you do throw your head back in euphoria and think, 'This is wonderful!'

"But what you don't know is that your whole life is falling apart around you. And then the minute you sober up, you think, 'Right, I've got a choice. I can either deal with my life... or I can take more cocaine.'

"Apparently. Allegedly. This is what I read.

"So I wanted to write a song from the perspective of someone who takes the drug. I have an associate, let's call him JASON HAWKWIND, who has endeavoured to seek therapy for just such a problem. And you have to understand the upsides to demonise the downsides."