THE DARKNESS star Justin Hawkins is considering having surgery to reverse his hair loss, because he doesn't want to wear a hat to cover his bald patch.

The English singer, who expresses his concerns in BALD, a song from new album ONE WAY TICKET TO HELL AND BACK, is refusing to model the look favoured by U2 frontman Bono.

He says, "You don't need hair. Phil Collins is a case in point, the all over shaved look.

"But I leave mine as it is and give the baldness a go, with it long at the back and sides. My dad rocked that look and I always knew I'd go bald because my dad is.

"The other option with balding is to get surgery then wear a hat for a long time. Mentioning no names... Bono. But I admit, if surgery technology improves, I'll go for it too."