Los Angeles police have arrested a youth in connection to false emergency calls made about homes belonging to Justin Bieber and Ashton Kutcher.

The Baby hitmaker's mansion was swarmed by cops in October (12) after officials received a hoax 911 call about a gun-toting trespasser, while music and reality Tv mogul Simon Cowell fell victim to the trend last month (Nov12) when a prankster claimed he was being held hostage in his house.

Cowell was indeed at home in Beverly Hills - but his safety was not in danger.

Similar incidents were also reported at Kutcher's and Miley Cyrus' properties earlier this year (12), but detectives made a breakthrough in the investigation last week (10Dec12) when they managed to track down the suspected perpetrator.

A police statement reveals: "On December 10, 2012, Hollywood Detectives arrested a juvenile from the Southern California region for the Ashton Kutcher swatting incident, as well as a similar swatting incident that took place at the home of Justin Bieber. Other swatting incidents involving this individual have been identified."