Justin Bieber is very spiritual.

The 19-year-old singer is deeply religious and maintains a close relationship with his pastor, Judah Smith of The City Church in Kirkland, Washington even when he is on the road touring.

Pastor Smith told E! News: ''Justin and I share Scriptures on a regular basis and communicate. And I think you find a lot of comfort and clarity in the Scriptures.''

Justin previously said he believes God has a special mission for him on earth and he has found fame in order to help other people.

He said: ''I think that's part of the reason I'm here. Not just because I'm talented, but because God had a purpose for me to just help people. I'm spiritual... although I slept in [and missed] church yesterday. I haven't been to church in so long, and I planned on going, and I slept in. I was upset. It's all good. God forgives me.''

Justin also revealed he tries not to respond when people bash him.

He explained: ''My Twitter is really nice. I have so many fans that I rarely ever see a nasty tweet... I see so much stuff on the Internet, sometimes I just want to go to Twitter and just go after people. But then I think twice: If someone if dissing me, I'm going to make this person way more famous by tweeting them.''