Justin Bieber is "like a brother" to Selena Gomez.

The singer-and-actress - who has previously dated singer Nick Jones and 'Twilight' star Taylor Lautner - insists she would never date the 16-year-old pop star because it would be too "weird".

When asked by Ellen Degeneres on her chat show if she was romantically involved with Justin, she retorted: "Oh brother! He's little. No, he's like my Little Brother. It's weird to me."

The 18-year-old beauty recently admitted while she hasn't been on a date in six months, she is happy being single until the right guy comes along.

She said: "Unfortunately, I haven't been on a date in over six months. In hindsight, it doesn't really seem that long between dates. The truth is I haven't met anyone, but I'm young. I don't need to have a boyfriend right now.

"Any crush or relationship is always a big ordeal. To get that one boy to like you and then if he doesn't it feels like the end of the world. I figure that you will have about 1,000 dates until you get to your perfect guy."