Justin Bieber is a ''scary talent''.

Canadian rockers Magic - who penned 'Never Say Never' for the pop star - were hugely impressed with Bieber when they worked with him and have praised his professionalism and talent.

Singer Nasri Atweh told the Daily Star newspaper: ''Justin is a scary talent - people don't appreciate how talented the guy is. He knows what he likes and is hyper-focused, never lost or confused.''

And he revealed Justin doesn't need many takes to get things right when recording.

Nasri added: ''He's got a great voice, so he nails a track in one or two takes.''

Justin isn't the only singer Nasri has written for, he has also penned tracks for stars including Cheryl Cole, but admitted he found it unfulfilling and is thrilled to now be writing for his own band.

He explained: ''I'd made a lot of money, but I wasn't enjoying it. I started thinking these musicians were very narrow-minded and that I knew something they didn't.''

The band are currently riding high in the charts with 'Rude', a song about a man being refused permission to marry his girlfriend by a prospective father-in-law but Nasri insists it is not autobiographical.

He said: ''None of us have proposed. It's a scene so familiar from movies, but the song just came flooding out of me one day, no idea why. I thought it was just a throwaway, friendly song that might go Top 20.''